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Dock Mount De-Icer $1,395.00

Dock Mount De-Icer

STARTING AT: $1,395.00

Ice build-up in winter can cause lots of problems for boats, dock pilings, and boathouses as well as for fish and wildlife ponds. The Scott Aerator Company focused its 45 years of experience to develop superior de-icers that are efficient, reliable and extremely durable in keeping surface areas free of damaging ice.

A heavy-duty, stainless steel dock plate, pipe, and yoke assembly suspend the Scott Aerator Dock Mount De-Icer under the water’s surface. It mounts quickly and easily to almost any type of dock, and can easily be adjusted to accommodate different water levels. The Dock Mount De-Icer keeps ice from forming by bringing warmer water from the bottom and sending it out in a continuous agitated movement. This helps prevent dock pilings from being jacked, or lifted, by acting as a buffer to prevent ice expansion and pressure damage. Under extreme, below zero winter conditions, our 1/2HP De-Icer will keep a minimum 50 foot diameter area ice free, and up to 70 feet using the 1HP model.

Dock Plate (Included)

Dock Plate

Perfect for long-term installation to a dock or similar structure.

Dock Post Bracket (Upgrade)

Dock Post Bracket

An excellent mounting option for docks with round, metal posts. Upgrading to the dock post bracket replaces the standard dock plate.

Truss Mount (Upgrade)

Truss Mount

Works well on metal docks and comparable frames using a sturdy, non-destructive attachment method. Upgrading to the truss mount replaces the standard dock plate.

Free-Standing Post (Upgrade)

Free-Standing Post

Where permanent structure is not available, the free-standing-post upgrade offers excellent flexibility for placement. Upgrading to free-standing post replaces the standard dock plate. Includes a sturdy, 8-foot post and the dock post bracket. Click here for details.

The De-icer safely mounts to your dock via the included stainless steel mounting plate, or you can add a post-mounting bracket at additional cost. The stainless steel yoke assembly the unit is attached to reaches a depth of up to 7 feet. You can select an alternative mounting option using the menu above when you add it to your cart (best value), or you can add a second, additional mounting option by purchasing a second mount on their individual product page: dock post bracket or the truss mount bracket.

Our fully programmable oscillator attachment helps keep larger areas free from ice build-up without the need to purchase a second de-icer. The oscillator turns the de-icer in its mounting. It's pre-programmed to rotate in 20-degree increments every 20 minutes. You set it for any radius you wish. Then plug it in and forget about it! The oscillator attachment can be added at purchase or later after installation.

Just in — our new Free-Standing Post for installing your De-Icer without a dock! Now you can place your De-Icer in those hard to reach spots, no dock required. You can select this as an option during checkout or call a sales consultant for details!

Compare to similar products and you’ll see why the Scott Aerator Dock Mount De-Icer far surpasses anything else on the market. Here are some of the differences:

We do ship to Canada. Please contact us via email or phone for a shipping quotation, or simply order on our web-site. Out of the U.S., please call 1-616-392-8882.

UPC# 810094920081

MPN# 10000

Proudly made in the USA.

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