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Oscillator $799.00


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Our fully programmable oscillator attachment is a great time-saving option for our dock-mounted Aquasweep or De-icer. We pre-program the Oscillator 360 to rotate your dock-mounted unit in 20-degree increments every 20 minutes. You set it for any radius you want, up to a full circle. Then plug it in and forget about it! The oscillator will help keep larger areas free from ice when used with the Dock Mount De-Icer, and will assist in moving more bottom debris when used with the Aquasweep. The Oscillator 360 can be added to in-place Aquasweep and De-Icer models. Comes with a two-year, unconditional warranty. Requires 110-volt power.

When you’re ready to unlock the potential of your AquaSweep or De-icer, add our oscillator unit!

UPC# 655003856804

Proudly made in the USA.

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