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Dock Mount Aquasweep $1,539.00

Dock Mount Aquasweep

STARTING AT: $1,539.00

Move algae, debris, muck, and silt with the Aquasweep — the original “Muck Mover”!

Now available in larger motor sizes — up to 1 hp!

The Aquasweep from Scott Aerator is an industry-leading solution to dock, canal, beach, and shoreline clean-up, improvement, and maintenance. The Dock Mount Aquasweep can keep your waterfront clean from algae, trash, and decaying debris on the surface, or it can be used to blast muck, silt, weeds, and decaying leaves from the bottom. In fact, the Aquasweep has been the top debris and muck mover in the industry since we launched it back in 1994!

One of the great features of the Aquasweep is its continuous-run capability thanks to its weed-free design. The debris shield prevents grasses, weeds and other material from clogging the moving parts so your Aquasweep can move muck continuously, without concern for clogs!

High-velocity water propulsion pushes debris 75 feet or more, away from your swimming area, dock or boat lift. Our customers love the dramatic effect the Aquasweep has on their waterfront areas.

Mounting Options

Designed for both fresh and salt water, there are several options for mounting your Aquasweep:

Dock Plate (Included)

Dock Plate

Perfect for long-term installation to a dock or similar structure.

Dock Post Bracket (UPGRADE)

Dock Post Bracket

An excellent mounting option for docks with round, metal posts. Upgrading to the dock post bracket replaces the standard dock plate.

Truss Mount (upgrade)

Truss Mount

Works well on metal docks and comparable frames using a sturdy, non-destructive attachment method. Upgrading to the truss mount replaces the standard dock plate.

Free-Standing Post (upgrade)

Free-Standing Post

Where permanent structure is not available, the free-standing-post upgrade offers excellent flexibility for placement. Includes a sturdy, 8-foot post and the dock post bracket. Upgrading to the free-standing post replaces the standard dock plate. Click here for details.

Motor, Cable and Voltage Requirements

Not Sure Which Motor, Cable or Voltage You Need?

Click the PDF to see our chart for determining which motor size, cable size, and voltage requirements will fit your needs.

The Aquasweep safely mounts to your dock via the included stainless steel mounting plate, or you can add a post-mounting bracket at additional cost. You can also purchase a mounting post to place your Aquasweep anywhere you need its muck-blasting power! Mounting the Aquasweep to your dock or to the add-on post and positioning the Aquasweep 2-4" from the bottom will give you the best muck-blasting results. The stainless steel yoke assembly the unit is attached to reaches a depth of up to 7 feet. You can select an alternative mounting option using the menu above when you add it to your cart (best value), or you can add a second, additional mounting option by purchasing a second mount on their individual product page: dock post bracket or the truss mount bracket.

The Aquasweep can be pointed in any direction around your dock to focus your muck or sediment movement precisely where you’d like it. It also includes vertical adjustment, making it the ideal solution for eliminating decaying bottom muck, targeting weedy areas, or removing floating surface algae. We recommend adding the oscillator attachment so you don’t have to manually rotate the Aquasweep. The fully programmable oscillator automatically rotates the Aquasweep in 20° increments every 20 minutes for up to 359° of coverage!

Looking for all-natural algae control? The Aquasweep is the solution you’ve been looking for! Whether you call it a muck mover, a lake blower, an aqua-blaster, or a water-thruster, the Aquasweep is a great solution for managing your pond, lake, or canal!

The Aquasweep is manufactured in-house, utilizing a heavy-duty, 50 foot long, 12-gauge, submersible power cable with a rugged, marine-grade, water-resistant plug (you have the option to increase the length of your power cable up to 150 feet, (at additional cost). The unit runs on standard 110-volt power, so no special wiring or electrician services are needed.

The Aquasweep’s 3,450 rpm of power comes from a professional-grade, fully submersible, maintenance-free electric motor, available in both 110- and 230-volt styles. The Aquasweep, just like every product manufactured by Scott Aerator Company, carries an unconditional, five-year motor warranty. If you’re not fully satisfied with the performance of the Aquasweep, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to return it for a full refund, less shipping costs.

We proudly manufacture the Aquasweep right here in our facility in Holland, Michigan. Yes, it’s proudly made in the USA! The Aquasweep is ARL tested and approved to be in compliance with the applicable requirements of UL and the National Electric Code as a complete unit.

We do ship to Canada. Please contact us via for a shipping quote, or simply order here on our website and we will contact you to price and coordinate shipping.

UPC# 810094921231

MPN# 16000

Proudly made in the USA.

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