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Clover Fountains

Scott Aerator's Clover fountains create an impressive cascade of water that sounds as beautiful as it appears. The brass center nozzle of the Clover is surrounded by separate side nozzles which create a spectacular, angled spray pattern similar to the lucky plant it's named for.

The brass center nozzle of the ½-hp Clover sprays at heights up to 20 feet, and it’s surrounded by separate side nozzles that create a spectacularly angled spray pattern, projecting water more than 15 feet at a 45-degree angle.

The 1½-hp Clover’s main stream will reach heights over 40 feet and its side nozzle streams over 20 feet.

Of course, either size Clover will help keep your pond better-aerated and healthier, too.

Scott Aerator’s fountains, aerators, de-icers and Aquasweep products are proudly made and built right here in Holland, Michigan!

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