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Solar Sub-Surface Aeration System $4,895.00

Solar Sub-Surface Aeration System

STARTING AT: $4,895.00

Our Solar Sub-Surface Aeration System provides all of the benefits of traditional aeration without the costly batteries, AC wiring, and ongoing expense of grid power. Even during cloudy conditions our Solar Sub-Surface Aeration System provides low-maintenance, high-volume solar aeration on any site.

Each unit is ruggedly constructed using high-quality, American-made components with a proven history of durability and comes with a two year warranty! Vertical 3" (3-1/2" OD) galvanized pole for solar mounting is not included.

Innovative Design, Inside & Out

Applications for Solar Sub-Surface Aeration

What makes this system so great?



UPC# 655003856606

Proudly made in the USA.

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