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Sub-Surface Aerators and Diffusers

Adding a sub-surface aeration system is the perfect way to increase your pond's or lake's water quality and oxygen levels while maintaining its natural appearance. Sub-surface aerators utilize diffuser modules that sit at the bottom of your pond and are connected by weighted tubing to an air compressor on shore. The compressor pumps much-needed air to the very bottom of the pond to de-stratify the water column and infuse oxygen into the water. The membrane on the diffuser breaks the air into tiny bubbles, which are released into the pond. As these bubbles rise to the surface, they carry the low-oxygen bottom water upwards, where it mixes with the oxygen-rich surface water. The constant mixing causes the water column to de-stratify, allowing harmful gases to be released into the atmosphere.

The Bubble Pro sub-surface aerators work great as pond de-icers as well. General rule of thumb for de-icing with a diffuser:  You’ll achieve a 2 foot wide circular opening for every foot of depth the diffuser is placed at.  Example: If placed at a depth of 1 foot, the diffuser will provide an opening approximately 2 feet in diameter. If placed at a depth of 5 feet, the diffuser will achieve a 10 foot circular opening.  Of course, this is an extremely general rule as temperatures will go up and down throughout the winter, and wind chills can play havoc as well.  The agitation of the diffuser pushes warm water from the bottom to the surface.  That warmth coupled with the water movement helps open up an area above the diffuser.

On extremely cold days and during periods with low wind chills it is not unusual for this opening to shrink or even ice over.  However, as long as the compressor is running, the ice will be thin and the air will be escaping through very small honeycomb holes in the ice.  Basically, stay off it and wait for the temperatures to come back up and the holes will open again.

Designed for easy installation, our aerators come with a two-year warranty on the motor and a five-year warranty on the tubing and diffusers. 


Scott Aerator’s fountains, aerators, de-icers and Aquasweep products are proudly made and built right here in Holland, Michigan!

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